Residential building City GARDEN is just completed

Residential building City GARDEN, project 7 million EUR worth, is finished in foreseen deadline. Due to the magnificent panoramic view, located just above Čobanija, City GARDEN represents a unique green oasis of peace in the center of the city noise.

A sale of apartments is already in progress, and there is also a possibility for sale under long term lease agreements. In a six storey building on 6.500 m2 of surface there are 39 apartments, sized of 40 m2 to 179 m2. In order to fulfill needs of the modern lifestyle, City GARDEN has joint premises for rest and relaxation of 352 m2 focused on panoramic terrace on the top of the building and on eco-environment. From a complex surrounded by green, there is a panoramic view of Sarajevo.

The highest standards of quality have been adhered to in regards to the sound and thermo isolation as well as the cooling and heating system. Also, important part of project is security, so building is equipped with complete video surveillance, alarms and direct connection with intervention system of security agencies.

The building has inside and outside garage lot with 19 car spaces inside and 20 outside the building - with each apartment comes a parking lot.

Planning and architectural supervision of the building was entrusted to the engineering office „HMD Architects“. Author of the project is Nihad Babović, an architect, winner of several awards in the field of architecture, design and urban planning.